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Does your Essential Oils Box fit who you are?!  If not, let us help you create your perfect storage box!

Welcome to Hidden Essentials!!! While our purpose is to provide beautiful hand-crafted Essential Oil Boxes to our amazing community of Oilers!!!, thanks to the support of the entire Essential Oil community, as of July 2018 we are expanding our reach to individuals looking for personalized Jewelry Boxes, Keepsake Boxes, Knickknack Boxes, Children's Boxes, God Box's and more.

No matter what your purpose, we truly want to help and support anyone and everyone looking to have their very own personalized custom engraved Storage Box.

Let us custom laser engrave a storage box that is uniquely personal to you today! You will love having and displaying these boxes in your home or giving them as gifts and as meaningful keepsakes.

Essential Oils have been integral to the health and wellness of our family. Let us help you enjoy displaying them in your home too.

Hidden Essentials

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